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Digital Marketing: Answering the 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions


Digital marketing can be overwhelming for anyone with a business. However, to start creating your strategy, you need to know a few concepts about digital marketing. This way, you can have a high-level understanding so you can begin the process of integrating digital marketing concepts into your branding strategy. At Houston Best Web Design, we know that it’s hard to know where to start with...

7 Key Factors For Creating A Business Growth Strategy


Are you thinking about creating a strategy to grow your company? Managing and leading the growth of an organization is not an easy task. It is essential to outline a real business growth plan to achieve it.  People who manage companies know that achieving constant and sustainable business growth is full of many challenges. Therefore, it is essential to have a strategy and meet...

Content engagement: 5 must-know tactics to improve it


Capturing the attention of your target audience in the digital space is no easy task. For that reason, it’s essential to implement a solid content marketing strategy to increase user engagement.  Nowadays, it is surprising how many companies get it wrong when implementing their content strategy. In many cases, they do not produce consistent content or do not share their content with...

6 Best Examples of Cookie Consent Website Design


Cookies help websites remember you. They’re used on social media sites to let people know when there’s new content, so that they can keep track of friends, families and colleagues. Cookies are also used by some sites to track your online activity – for example, they allow a site owner to see when someone has visited a competitor’s site without doing a commercial track through Google Adwords...

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Web Design Agency instead of a Freelancer


Hiring a freelancer has its place and benefits. For example, if you are a freelancer yourself (i.e. a startup photographer), then you could use a website builder or work with a freelancer. However, if you fall in the range of a small business to an enterprise, then here are 7 reasons why you need to hire a web design agency. A talented team of designers and developers can deliver projects on time...